Information contained within is deemed reliable, however not guaranteed and should be independently verified for accuracy. Western Enterprises, Inc. is a licensed Real Estate Agency in the State of Alaska. Western Enterprises, Inc. acts as an agent for the Landlord in any transaction resulting from the leasing of any of the property it has listed within. Some properties contained within these pages may be represented by the owner or another licensed agency and Western is not responsible for the validity of the content contained herein on those properties or Western's managed properties. In all cases, prospective tenants are hereby notified to investigate and verify all information.

Western Enterprises, Inc. ---------------- Disclosure of Representation

Under Statute AS 08.88.396(b)(1), Western Enterprises, Inc., hereinafter called Western, & Licensee Chad R. Powelson and Robert A. Moats and Andrew Faiks, hereinafter called Licensees, hereby disclose to the prospective tenant that Western & Licensee represent the Lessor solely in this transaction, regardless of whether it develops into a lease.

In any or all the above locations, Western, a licensed real estate agency in Alaska, is Property Manager & either maintains or discloses any or all of the following items of pertinence; that Western has an ownership interest in the properties; has a principle of the corporation whom is a licensed real estate broker in Alaska; has a real estate associate broker or broker whom is an owner in the property; Licensees that are related to some of the owners of the properties, a licensed real associate broker, &/or a principle of Western; &/or Licensee is an owner in the property.

Explanation of Relationship Western, in this disclosure of agency to the Lessor, has a fiduciary responsibility of loyalty, confidentiality, obedience, full disclosure, accounting, and the duty to use skill, care & diligence to the owner of the property. To both the Lessor & Prospective Tenant a duty of honesty & fair dealing is required.